About US

Who are we?

Are you a large enterprise still relying on legacy infrastructure and struggling just to keep the lights on? Are you at the head of a budding SMB in the public cloud that is quickly outgrowing the provisions of renting public space? No matter your size or position, IO Corp is at your service.

IO Corp works in both the private and public cloud to bring efficiency to your storage, computing, virtualization, disaster recovery, and unified communication. We are providers of private cloud hosting, data protection, unified communications, and cloud architecture services, all with hyperconverged cloud solutions. For over forty years, we’ve served in and changed with the market, updating our services to meet the needs of an evolving clientele. Our products have continued to support the IBM Host Printing and Connectivity world and our recent PCoIP Zero Clients, Host Cards, and Thin Clients support the new world of Virtual and Cloud Desktop Computing.

IO Corp is a licensed reseller of enterprise cloud provider Nutanix and partner of UCaaS provider Jive. We have partnered with IBM, Citrix, Microsoft, and VMWare to bring our clients better solutions, keeping pace with your ever-increasing needs.


Our commitment to quality

To remain competitive in today’s global market, a company must be committed to quality. This is our commitment:

  • We will deliver defect-free products and services to our customers on time.
  • We will understand and conform to our internal and external customers’ requirements.
  • We will work as a team and as individuals to eliminate defects and improve our work process.