Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients

Teradici ZC Awareness Graphic

The IO Corp PCoIP Zero Clients are simple, secure, stateless, cloud endpoints, perfect for accessing VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Remote Workstation environments.

 All Zero Clients come with a Years subscription to Teradici’s Desktop Access. Free!


The I-O Pro|Edge Zero-Clients contain no operating system or local storage – just a chip that decodes the PCoIP protocol transmissions and outputs pixels on the screen. Since no data is transmitted, users connect securely to their virtual environments. In addition to being the most secure endpoints available, Zero Clients are easy to deploy, manage, and operate. Because they offer higher performance, lower power consumption, support unified communications, and create a richly rewarding virtual computing experience, they are an excellent choice for both end users and IT managers in Federal, Education, Financial and Healthcare environments.