Why You Need the Freedom of Nutanix
Traditional IT/Data infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive both to build and maintain. It takes a great deal of physical space to house the hardware, and then there’s all the trained IT personnel to ensure each component is running properly. Even with your cloud set up and running smoothly, the process of scaling up or down disrupts your processes and impedes progress. With Nutanix, all that headache is in the past.

Nutanix simplifies your data infrastructure by throwing out the old, expensive hardware-reliant system and replacing it with the Acropolis HCI Platform, a software-focused infrastructure that is less prone to failure and provides you with more control over your data than ever.

How Nutanix Works

Nutanix’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
In the last several years, Nutanix has revolutionized data and server technology to combine all the complicated storage, networking, and server infrastructure into one simple, efficient solution. With Nutanix’s Acropolis HCI Platform, your company can continue to have the cloud infrastructure it needs while lowering costs, increasing flexibility, and maintaining the security of your data.
Because Nutanix utilizes a hyper-converged infrastructure, you can set up your own private or hybrid cloud with minimal CapEx. If you decide to scale your server capacity up or down, there’s no need to undergo a complete hardware overhaul just to tweak server capacity. Nutanix’s linear scaling system makes it simple.

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