Data Protection and Recovery

Preserve your Data with 15-min back-ups.


Rest easy knowing your data is well protected and ready to recover at a moments notice.

Data Recovery

Backup and securely encrypt your data. Restore important files and folders in minutes, regardless of how your files were compromised. Files and data can be recovered from onsite or offsite locations.

System Recovery

Protect both physical and virtual computer systems. Even more importantly, restore entire systems to both physical and virtual targets. If that important laptop or server fails, recover the software and data to a new virtual or physical system.

High Availability

Copy your encrypted backup files to secure, offsite locations. If for some reason your office is unavailable (e.g. power outage, fire, natural disaster) We will create a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud. This way your business can continue running with minimal down time.

Real-Time Testing

Integrity of your backup files will be continually verified. In addition, we test your recovery processes in an isolated environment so we know we can recover your systems when a disaster happens. You and your IT staff can sleep better at night knowing your critical business systems and data are protected.
We focus our business on the recovery of systems and data (the hard stuff) from cyber attacks, ransomware, theft, hard drive crashes, fires, malicious employees, or any other type of human or natural disasters – Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC)
Quick, thorough, backups of virtual and physical servers, desktops, and laptop systems
  • Back up all data, files, folders and entire systems
  • 15-minute restore points for files, folders, or entire systems
  • Meet or exceed Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Recover historical files and folders
  • Long-term data storage
  • Document Management and Retrieval Service
  • Recover down server to same or different hardware – (Bare-Meta Recovery)
  • Backed up files and images are securely encrypted to AES 256 Bit encryption, (Department of Defense Standard)
  • Securely transfer backups to local and offsite locations – (Replication)
  • Failover technology – Spin a down server up on a recovery appliance (Business Continuity) to keep employees productive
  • Securely connect company employees to restored systems and network in our recovery center. (Up to 30 days for no charge in the event your company experiences a major shutdown) Keeps company afloat by working in our hosted model
  • Offsite and local recovery of entire systems
Mirroring technology
  • Recovery time in minutes not hours or days
  • Test backups work without impacting company business operations
  • 24X7 monitoring of systems
  • Detailed reports of backup and recovery services provided
  • Verification and re-verification of backed up files as they sit in storage to ensure data is not corrupted.
  • Can migrate computer images from old computers to new computers even if it is a different brand or model
  • Virtualize production systems for testing purposes
  • Efficient storage and deduplication
  • Run on your existing hardware/software
  • Cost of downtime. lost productivity, and recovery assessment reports provided
  • HIPPA Compliant