Efficient and Secure

Your Trusted Cloud Partner in Architecture, Hosting,
Data Protection, and Unified Communications

IO Corp is proud to announce a partnership with Nutanix! As an authorized Nutanix reseller, we’re bringing you better web-scale solutions than ever before. Working together with IO Corp and Nutanix, you’ll enjoy solutions that enable you to start small and grow.

IO Corp is also proud to announce a partnership with Jive. Jive and IO Corp are equipped to handle cloud-based unified communications in your organization’s disaster recovery plan. Secure your business communications with Jive Cloud today!




Secure your Desktops Centrally and Access with Our Line of VDI Endpoint Devices


Data Protection

Secure your data in a private server while keeping it accessible to everyone within your company.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Integrate all of your enterprise communication services into a single platform.


Private Clouds

Access enterprise-level technology, grow or shrink as necessary, and be freed from the nuisance of maintenance.

All with “hyperconverged cloud solutions”

Silicon Slopes is the
Cloud Capital  of the world.

Green Tech

IO Corp has been a past recipient of Utah’s Green Business Awards, and keeping in line with Green Business Solutions, we continue this focus in green tech by aligning our brand with data center solutions from Nutanix that reduce the data center footprint, reduce power consumption, and reduce cooling requirements.